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Frequently asked questions

1. How far in advance should passenger arrive at the airport for departing flight, if VIP service for departures gets ordered?
You should arrive two hours prior to a departure. It will take some to get luggage checked, if you have more than 2 pieces of checked-in luggage. If you are traveling with hand luggage (cabin baggage) only, it is suggested to arrive one hour prior to a departure.
2. Is parking at Sheremetyevo-F airport included in the VIP-service price?
Parking is not included in the VIP-service price.
3. Who pays the passenger’s expenses at the bar?
The passenger personally pays his/her expenses at the airport bars.
4. What do passenger needs to do if a difficult situation occurs at the airport?
Passenger should get in touch with our 24 hour support service provided for on order confirmation. Tel. +7 495 748 555 3
5. Who pays the airport charge at the VIP lounge?
The airport charge is included in the cost of the VIP service.
6. If passenger missed and passed by VIP lounge representative with sign “VIP” in transit zone, can he/she return from general area and get to VIP lounge?
Due to the strict rules for country border crossing in transit zone, if passenger missed and passed by VIP Lounge representative with sign “VIP”, unfortunately there is no way back. Passenger have to find our VIP lounge representative when exit general area. Our representative will help to find a driver and escort to car.
7. Is the delivery of passenger’s luggage to the VIP lounge or to the car by an attending employee included in the VIP service price?
It is not VIP lounge representative’s duty to deliver the luggage.
8. What if passenger is running late for the flight?
In this case you need to call our airport representative or 24 hour support team. You will find the telephone number in confirmation letter. In this kind of situation your coordinator will try to do his/her best to arrange check-in via the general area.
9. How do I cancel the order for arrival or departure?
You can make changes to your order by calling our 24 hour support service or writing an e-mail to
10. How many accompanied people may I bring?
The number of the accompanied guests may not exceed 3 people. Any explosive device or weapon of any kind are strictly prohibited from being carried into the VIP lounge.
11. Can passenger travel with pet?
During service VIP service registration inform the manager if you want to travel with pet. Please, provide the type and size of the pet, processing you need to inform the manager of the type and size of the pet and, please, ensure that all necessary documents have been obtained for your pet before departing. If your pet weighs more than 3 kilograms, you will need to have sufficient funds with you to cover excess luggage.